Product maintenance and support is an essential part of servicing an organization’s end customers but is usually considered non-critical or non-strategic to a product company’s business. Moreover, for most companies providing dedicated product support resources remains a challenge, more so when multiple products or product versions are in play.
      Maintenance Support Services assists the campus and other services by receiving incoming requests and inquiries for maintenance services and providing technical and statistical support.Client engagements in this area range from resource augmentation all the way to product roadmap ownership, depending on client needs.

      Nuevas’s expertise in this area allows clients to focus on their core business while leaving the hassles of software maintenance and support to Nuevas’s skilled engineers. Our comprehensive portfolio of tech support, maintenance are designed to protect your we offer experienced technicians, an extensive parts network, and flexible service level options designed to meet your specific business needs.
      Today’s support challenges demand new models that are not based on resource numbers alone. Teams now need to have a deep understanding of the business, of the ERPs and packaged solutions in play, of ITIL and Agile processes, and of the industry best practices. They also require a deeper level of integration with the ASM & Infrastructure, Development, and Testing teams.Support requirements at this level are as much about increasing productivity as they are about maintaining/improving the quality of services.